VIDEO: LA To NYC Longboard Project Update

Longboarding LA To NY

Here’s an update from the kids hoping to longboard across America this summer and how far they’ve progressed with their goal.

A couple of weeks ago we announced that we were sponsoring 19 year old filmmaker Rupert Rixon and his friends as they make a movie about their attempt to longboard across America all the way from Los Angeles to New York City this summer – a total of over 3000 miles.

Of course, in order to get the footage and flights and everything else they needed to complete this project they were going to need money, and being 19 year old kids there was only so much that they were going to be able to afford, which is why they set up a KickStarter to try and raise the relevant cash, and why we’ve also agreed to help them out.

Rupert and the guys are really genuine guys trying to live their lives how they want to and do the right thing and we know that given the chance he’ll make an awesome film that everyone who sees will enjoy, and hopefully inspire everyone else to follow their dreams too. So please, if you want to help us and him out head over to his KickStarter page and pledge some money so this film gets made.

There’s a video update of the guys training, filming and some of the press that they’ve received in the video below:

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