VIDEO: Devil Baby Walks The Streets Of New York Terrifying People In New Prank

Demon Baby Attack

Another day, another awesome viral marketing campaign that involves scaring the crap out of people.

Another day, another excellent viral marketing campaign that scares the absolute shit out of people.

This time it’s in New York City and it’s promoting a new horror movie called Devil’s Due which is coming out over there on Friday. Basically, the remote controlled Devil Baby roamed around the streets of New York in an unsupervised red pram. When concerned New Yorkers approach the pram to see what the hell is going on, the baby lets out a blood curdling scream which is actually pretty horrific and terrifying.

The baby also projectile vomits on people, chases them down the street and flips off the police. The baby itself also looks very realistic which adds to the prank. As you might expect, the reactions of the New Yorkers are priceless and I think the majority of them are actually real as they seem like they’re genuinely wetting themselves for the most part.

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