Kylie Jenner Ripped To Shreds After Asking People To Donate To Her Make Up Artist’s GoFundMe

She’s worth almost a billion dollars.

Starting off the week with another completely stupid tone deaf decision from a billionaire after Kylie Jenner – who is worth $900 million so not quite a billionaire, sure – decided to set up a GoFundMe for her make up artist Samuel Rauda who needed $60,000 for emergency surgery after getting involved in a car accident.

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Jenner apparently only donated $5000 herself to the fund, despite the fact that paying for it all wouldn’t be anything other than a minor inconvenience for her given how rich she is and apparently seems to care about her make up artist. Needless to say, this decisions didn’t go down too well on social media and everyone proceeded to drag Jenner for the way that she had handled the situation:

Yeah I guess when they all put it like that then you really have to question what the heck she’s thinking because it’s literally not even a drop in the ocean for her to save her friends life here. I suppose there’s the argument here that she’s earned her money so she can spend it on whatever she wants, but it still seems a bit off that saving someone’s life for a fraction of your wealth isn’t a priority here. Guess that’s just how the other half live.

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