Kylie Jenner Puts A Beatdown On Instagram With NSFW Pics From The Bahamas

Oh wow.

Everyone says they hate the Kardashians and that they’re bad for culture and society and all that jazz, but you can’t deny that Kylie Jenner has put in quite a shift as the youngest & apparently most successful Kardashian. 

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I mean look at her on the cover of Forbes just a couple years back:

Kylie took the title of youngest self-made billionaire (‘self made’) from Mark Zuckerberg thanks to her Kylie Cosmetics makeup range, which Forbes valued at $900,000. Don’t see her mum or her sisters making that kinda dough?

Anyway, she’s now in the Bahamas renting out an $10,000-a-night villa where she shared the following pics over the last day. You can afford to do that when you’re a billionaire:

Is Kylie Jenner the most underrated Kardashian out there? Could be.

Not to mention how far she’s come to get to this point:

Like we said, billionaire.

For the Instagram model that Kylie’s ex Travis Scott left her for, click HERE. Maybe money can’t buy everything.


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