Kylie Jenner Just Went Full-On Conspiracy Theorist On Us

A Kardashian truther – perfect.

The Kylie Jenner lips challenge was one of the most messed up things on the Internet this year, but when you take away the lips and the Kardashian family connection — who is Kylie Jenner really? What goes on in that head of hers? CHEMTRAIL CONSPIRACY THEORIES, of course.

Here’s what she posted on Twitter earlier:

Kylie Jenner

So many questions, so few answers. The best question has to be this one though: who is responcible? Yes Kylie, who is responcible? And what a head fuck this must be for any Illuminati ‘truthers’ who probably just had their minds blown by a Kardashian asking the same questions they are. They’ll probably explain it as a sneaky Illuminati decoy move to make us think that the Kardashians aren’t a part of their gang. Those truthers — can’t get anything past them.

I’m just happy there’s a Jenner/Kardashian out there who’s into conspiracy theories. It’s just perfect. Exactly what was missing from their family. Can’t wait to see how completely bonkers Kylie Jenner turns out to be in like 10 years. Definitely off to a decent start with chemtrail conspiracies.

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