A Komodo Dragon Destroyed A BBC Camera By Trying To Have Sex With It


As a general rule, I think that most of us would assume that various animal species are only attracted to other animals of the same species, but it seems that just like humans there are those outliers that just wanna have sex with anything they can fit their penis into.

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Case in point: the komodo dragon in this article, who was so horny that he tried to have sex with a BBC camera that was shooting a documentary about them. The incident happened over whilst the team were filming ‘Spy In The Wild 2’ – narrated by David Tennant – and decided to set up a fake female komodo dragon and a fake pig filled with state of the art recording equipment in the middle of a wild pack of them.

Things took a turn when the male komodo dragons tried to mate with the female and became angry at the lack of attention ‘she’ was giving them. They then decided to take their anger out on the fake pig by completely and utterly destroying it, including the camera.

Here’s what executive producer John Downer said about it:

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With its massive claws this dragon starts raking at the skin of the ‘female’, and there’s nothing you can do because you can’t intervene. You just hope it will realise there’s something not right and it will stop.

But then this pig, with all our equipment in it, was in the wrong place at the wrong time and they just annihilated it.

It was breeding season and they’d been riled up by fighting over this female and testosterone gets the worst of us.

They were like dinosaurs, it was just unbelievable, it was totally smashed to pieces.

Damn that’s too bad, but I suppose you gotta expect this kinda stuff when dealing with dangerous animals like Komodo Dragons.

Hopefully they managed to get some footage from the fake female though because it sounds like the kind of savage footage that would be worth tuning in for. Would love to see a horny Komodo Dragon trying to get its dick all up in a fake female one and then going into a rage when she wasn’t interested. Talk about a major dissing.

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