This Is The Aboslute Daddy Of All Knives, Even Cutting Straight Through A Tree

Autine Knife


A while ago, I remember being really impressed with what was described as a zombie apocalypse knife, as it sliced through raw meat and human cadavers with the greatest of ease.

Well now I’ve found out that it’s got a challenger in the form of AUTINE Leuku knives. These knives are so badass they can literally slice through tree trunks with the greatest of ease.

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Ok, maybe it wasn’t with the greatest of ease as it didn’t just slice through it like it wasn’t there, but it wasn’t exactly that hard for the dude was it? I mean usually you would be using an axe to do that and it would take a fair few chops before it went down, but now you can just use this knife instead. Looks like lumberjacks might be out of a job soon.

It’s a good thing they weren’t using either of these knives when this guy totally screwed up his knife throwing act on Lithauna’s Got Talent.


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