VIDEO: Apocalypse Knives Can Slice Through Anything With One Swipe (Kinda NSFW)

Apocalypse Knives

These knives from Cold Steel – the world’s strongest, sharpest knives – are so badass that they’ve been deemed apocalypse proof. See why here.

Apocalypse knives are so termed because they’re so badass they’re guaranteed to survive any potential apocalypse, and you can see why in this video where they absolutely tear anything and everything they come up against to shreds. Hunks of meat, catcuses, ropes, mail boxes, cardboard, multiple plastic bottles and most shockingly human cadavers all get completely annihilated with one swipe of these motherfuckers.

If you knew how to use a knife during the apocalypse and had one of these bad boys, I’d be confident that you would be able to survive anything, be it asteroids, aliens, zombies, sharknados or whatever. Make the investment.

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