Kimbo Slice’s Son Tapped Out On His MMA Debut


Kimbo Slice is one of the most legendary street fighters of all time, so his son Kevin Ferguson Jr was inevitably going to have a lot to live up to when he decided that he was going to step into the cage and compete as an MMA fighter as well.

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Unfortunately in his debut fight with Aaron Hamilton over the weekend at Bellator 165, he didn’t live up to any of these expectations, tapping out to a choke three minutes into the second round. You can watch the whole fight below:

Tough loss but I suppose at least he didn’t get completely and utterly battered like CM Punk did in his UFC debut. Still, it’s not really that impressive and the fact that he managed to get Hamilton in an Anaconda choke hold but failed to make him tap out because of his bad technique isn’t exactly something to write home about.

This fight was only included on the preliminary card of the event though and wasn’t televised, so it’s not exactly like Baby Slice is being thrown in at the deep end. Hopefully he’ll keep training and fighting on the undercard and turn into a good fighter one day, but it’s probably going to take a long time judging by the evidence provided in that contest.

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