The Amount Of Money Kim Kardashian Made In Just A Few Minutes Will Break Your Brain

Give Ray J a cut.

Kylie Jenner may be the first billionaire in the family, but Kim Kardashian is also on course to billionaire status after her latest venture got off to the best start possible – raking in millions of $$$ within the first few minutes on sale.

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TMZ report that Kim’s SKIMS sold $2 million in product ‘within the first few minutes of Kim’s campaign going live Tuesday’, with every piece of inventory sold out in lightning speed. 

Apparently the first-day sales numbers are unprecedented for shapewear and undergarments brands, with Kim making half of what Spanx made in its entire first year ($4 million) in a few minutes.


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Does that make you feel a little bit ill? Kim Kardashian could literally bottle air and sell it for millions in a few minutes. If she’s making two million just like that imagine how much she’s going to make in one year?

Have you ever bought anything from the Kardashians? Maybe you haven’t but look at how great Kim looks in her SKIMS shapewear. Don’t tell me you’re not getting tempted at least a little bit. Soon enough the Kardashians will be selling anything and everything we need and we’ll have no choice but to buy it all.

P.S. She also makes $1 million per Instagram post. FML.


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