Kim Kardashian Returns To Instagram In True Kim Kardashian Style


Twerk it.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons over the last few months. First you had the (allegedly staged) robbery in Paris, then Kanye finally flipped and was rushed to hospital to be treated for temporary psychosis.

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If the video below is anything to go by, Kim is looking to put the last few months behind her, as she has made a very bizarre return to social media. On a brand new Instagram account, Kim uploaded the below video as well as a series of pictures in order to promote her latest ‘Kimoji’ range.

Did that slow mo make anyone else feel a little bit ill? Not sure why you’d use rippling butt fat to promote your brand, unless she’s got a new range of ‘Kimoji’ merch products coming out. Columnist Perez Hilton was absolutely outraged, as he said:

I was expecting so much more from your return to social media.

Sad. Sad. Sad. After your “traumatic” Paris robbery, THIS is how you return to Instagram? Clearly nothing’s changed.

Blimey – he’s more bemused than I am. Maybe Kim should take some tips from her UK doppelganger, Lisa Appleton – she’s absolutely nailing it.


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