Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Got Male Embryos Implanted To Guarantee They’ll Have A Son

A little Caitlyn Jenner in the making?

Word on the street is Kim K and Kanye have undergone IVF gender-selection process to predetermine their second baby’s sex. They paid around $17000 to have the procedure where doctors isolate fertilised embryos of the preferred sex then transfer them to the uterus.

A source close to them said:

She only had boy embryos implanted. They are so excited to complete their family. Kanye loves Nori more than anything, but to make his world complete, he wanted a little boy, an heir.

Kanye Kim

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People are being dicks about this and Kim Kardashian has already put out a statement saying it’s not true because she knows people get weird about playing God and messing with nature etc, but those people are just bums unlike Kim and Kanye. This is just one of the many benefits of being rich — you do whatever the hell you want including choose the gender of your baby. That’s something poor people can’t do so they get angry at rich people about it instead. In Kanye and Kim’s minds though they already have a little girl so why not mix things up with a boy? Not mad at them about this at all.

You just know these two are going to be among the first humans to become God-like cyborgs in the next 200 years too.


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