Someone’s Printed Kim Kardashian Doing The Human Centipede On A T-Shirt

Kardashian Human Centipede Shirt

This is the most insane t-shirt collection we’ve ever seen.

As far as genius t-shirt ideas go, they don’t get much better than this.

A Cleveland company named RageOn has attempted – and succeeded – in pushing the limits of fashion by releasing one of the most insane lines of t-shirts in history, spearheaded by the one you can see above that features the Kardashian sisters as The Human Centipede. The collection doesn’t really peak after that – I mean how possibly could you? – but there are other notable entries from Steve Buscemi’s face, Oscar The Grouch made out of marijuana and Patrick Bateman. You can see some highlights in the slideshow below by using the arrow keys.

The t-shirts ares pretty pricey at $50 – $60 a pop and with a $25 shipping charge over to the UK I doubt I’ll be investing any time soon, but if anyone out there wants to pick me one up for a birthday present then I’ll be your best friend forever and maybe buy you a beer too. In the meantime get excited (if that’s the right phrase) for The Human Centipede 3 by checking out the trailer here.

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