There’s A New Human Centipede 3 Trailer And It’s Even Grosser Than The First One

Human Centipede 3 Trailer

Prepare for the final sequence.

A couple of months ago we featured a trailer for The Human Centipede 3: Final Sequence which we couldn’t actually believe was being made considering how stupid the first two ones were.

Having said that though, the trailer did perk our interest, mainly because of the image of about 200 prisoners making up a human centipede. I don’t know if I would actually go and see it though, although this new trailer has perked my interest again as it’s even grosser than the first one.

In this trailer you get to see someone get waterboarded, someone get their mouth stitched up to someone’s butt, someone getting dismembered and a whole lot more gross and gory goings on. Will you go and see it? It’s out over here on July 10th so there isn’t long to make your mind up.

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