Someone Made A Huge Flag Of Kim Kardashian Giving Ray J Head And Waved It During Kanye West Glastonbury Set


It appears a bunch of people were determined to wind Kanye West up during his Glastonbury set over the weekend, like this comedian who rushed the stage during his performance.

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The ultimate troll move however came from someone in the audience who printed a giant flag featuring a screenshot from the Kim Kardashian/Ray J sex tape, and waved it around for everyone to see:


Brutal stuff. No matter how rich, famous and successful Kanye is, no matter how awesome his life gets, there’ll always be someone throwing the fact his wife made a sex tape with a C-list R&B singer in his face. Say what you will about your own life compared to Kanye’s but at least no one’s waving a massive flag of your girlfriend/wife sucking some other dude’s cock. It’s the small victories that count.

Especially harsh considering Ray J had already delivered the happy couple the most disrespectful wedding gift of all time.


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