Karma Finally Bites Kanye On The Ass As A Comedian Interrupts His Headline Set At Glastonbury

Kanye West Lee Nelson

Kanye gets out Kanye’d.

Karma finally came back around to bite Kanye West on the ass when at the beginning of his set at the Glastonbury Festival, he was interrupted by comedian Lee Nelson.

My god, I wish I could high five this man. You seriously have no idea how stoked this made me…

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About 48 seconds into the video, you can see that the comedian somehow manages to rush the stage and join in on the performance, engaging by rapping along with Kanye. He’s escorted off stage by security guards and Tweets a picture of himself proudly sporting a t-shirt with the phrase “Lee-zus” shortly after. He also sent one to Taylor Swift saying that he did it all for her.

Nelson goes on to explain that he was simply trying to lend Kanye a helping hand. Unsurprisingly, people were livid at the fact that the rapper was headlining at the festival. One of the festival attendees even tried circulating a petition, but obviously it didn’t really get him anywhere.

It’s about time someone humbled Kanye though as he does it to everyone else. Everyone knows about the infamous Taylor Swift incident during her acceptance speech, and yet he did the same shit earlier in 2015, when Beck received his Grammy for ‘Album of the Year’.

Come on, Kanye. You and your leather jogging pants, go take a hike somewhere. It was never that serious. Hopefully he’ll think twice before ever attempting to pull something like this again now that it’s happened to him. Probably not though.


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