Kim Kardashian And Amber Rose Confuse The Hell Out Of Everyone By Sharing Same Selfie Online

Amber Kim

Does this prove it was all just a publicity stunt?

If you were online at any point last week you’ll have seen the Kanye West/Wiz Khalifa Twitter beef kick off, which resulted in Amber Rose getting involved and eviscerating Kanye by revealing how he used to enjoy her fingering his booty hole.

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Well how’s this for a plot twist — Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose both shared a photo of themselves hanging out last night like they and their husbands weren’t just shitting all over each other a few days ago:



Does this maybe prove that the whole thing was a set-up from the start? Just one big fat publicity stunt? After all, Wiz Khalifa has an album coming out this week, and Kanye’s album is coming out next week. Stage a fake Twitter beef between yourself, get your wives involved, get a hilarious hashtag trending and everyone wins.

I did think they went a bit too far cussing each other’s kids and talking about fingering each other’s butt holes. Now it all makes sense though. Kim K and Amber Rose posing together like everything’s good. Acting like they all have foursomes on the regular. A+ as far as publicity stunts go.

Does this mean the Amber Rose finger sex toy is no longer happening?


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