Kim Kardashian Is Doing Something Absolutely Rank Following The Birth Of Baby Saint West

Kim Kardashian

Completely gross.

You probably heard last week that Kim Kardashian gave birth to her and Kanye’s second child Saint, but you almost certainly didn’t hear about what she’s planning to do following on from this: she’s planning to eat Saint’s placenta. Admittedly, this is a common practice in some cultures and is creeping its way into Western civilisation, but it still seems absolutely rank to me, especially when you consider what a placenta actually looks like (see below).

The idea behind eating it is that the organ transfers a lot of nutrients from mother to foetus over the course of the pregnancy and people believe it’s still full of them once the baby has been born. Therefore it’s a good idea for the mother to eat it to give them an energy boost following child birth. It might be a good idea in principle again, but seriously, yuck.

Here’s what Kim K had to say about it all:

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I heard so many stories when I was pregnant with North of moms who never ate their placenta with their first baby and then had postpartum depression, but then when they took the [placenta] pills with their second baby they did not suffer from depression.

I thought, why not try it? What do I have to lose?

I my placenta made into easy-to-swallow pills, which made me feel so energised and really healthy and good.

I totally recommend it for anyone considering it.

I mean OK that sounds all well and good if you can get over the fact that you’re eating one of your own body parts. Surely you could just get these vitamins and nutrients from some tablets or something and not have to go through with that?

It looks like it’s probably going to get more popular in society now that Kim K has championed it. Maybe in fifty years or so it will be viewed as completely normal? After all, there are at least six perfectly legitimate reasons why we should all become cannibals.


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