Kim Jong-Un Releases Statement Asking China To Stop Calling Him Fat


Stop the bullying.

He's a sensitive soul.

North Korea has made a state request to officials in China insisting that they stop referring to their ‘glorious leader’ Kim Jong-un as fat (even though he’s totally fat).

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Apparently a popular nickname for Kim over in China is ‘Kim Fatty III’, but as of this week the request from North Korea has been accepted as Chinese web users are reporting that searches for “Fatty Kim the Third” and similar are yielding no results.

Unfortunately for Kim, Chinese internet users have already found a way around it.

Via Language Lab:

Chinese netizens promptly adapted by writing Jīn sān pàng 金三胖 (“Kim Third Fat”) as xīn pàng 鑫胖 (“wealth fat”), where xīn 鑫 is thought of as sān jīn 三金 (“three jin” [i.e., ‘gold / Kim’]’).

If necessary to get around the censors, netizens can also divide pàng 胖 (“fat”) into yuè 月 (“moon”) and bàn 半 (“half”), thus jīn sān yuè bàn 金三月半 (“Kim / gold March / three months half”) = Jīn sān pàng 金三胖 (“Kim Third Fat”).


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For someone who prides himself on being the world’s most ruthless tyrant/bully, Kim certainly doesn’t take well to being called fat does he? In fact is there another world leader out there who cares so much about what people think of him? I mean this is a guy who feeds his family members to dogs and blows people up with missiles after all.

Hopefully Kim never stumbles across Sick Chirpse, because the kind of stuff we’ve written about him could prompt a full-on mental breakdown.


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