BBC Stats Show One Person In North Korea Listens To BBC Radio 1 Every Day And It’s Probably Kim Jong-Un

His favourite musicians might surprise you – then again, maybe not.

When he’s not telling fibs about curing cancer or reactivating his deadly plutonium reactors, it appears Kim Jong-un likes to jam to some Radio 1 tunes.

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According to statistics from the BBC, one person in North Korea is listening to the station every day. They’re convinced it must be Kim Jong-un because all other North Koreans are banned from watching/listening to foreign media.

A BBC source said:

The viewer can only be dictator Kim Jong-un.

Ed Swift

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He apparently frequents the station’s YouTube channel too, and according to his activity on there his favourite acts are Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. His viewing history also shows he watched Nick Grimshaw interview Emma Watson.

We already knew Kim was a huge basketball fan and is also partial to Jackie Chan films, but thus far his musical tastes were a mystery (even though his brother Kim Jong-chol was spotted at an Eric Clapton gig in London once — true story).

Come on Kim, less leisure time and more working on that super-strength viagra pill you said you were going to introduce to the Western world.


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