This Kid’s Dumb Rap Battle About Cricket Skills Is Being Treated As A ‘Hate Crime’


I don’t blame them.

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of laughing our way through rap videos posted by earnest Year 9s on YouTube. But while most 14-year-olds usually get trolled in the comments section for lyrics about slaying milfs and getting stoned, an unfortunate kid from Nottinghamshire was excluded for insulting his mate’s cricket skills.

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Owen Whitney, 14, was banned for three days after teachers took offence at the footage of him calling out a friend for being shit at cricket and playing X-Box all day. Jesus, they ought to see kids at another school rapping about cumming on someone else’s mum’s face.

Owen, from Mansfield, told The Daily Mail that everyone at his school is copying Grime call-out videos. Shout out to Skepta for making the genre popular with white school kids from middle-England:

We asked the lad who we were calling out if we could do it and he said it was fine. I didn’t even write the lyrics, that was my mate that filmed it.

Poor old Owen. First he has his GCSE’s interrupted and then he has to try and evade responsibility for writing the terrible lyrics that they apparently branded a ‘hate crime.’ But who can blame him when one of his hardest lines is, “don’t tell me you can bowl 50 miles an hour, in your dreams mate your arms have got nowhere near that much power.”

Ooooooh, shutdown.

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