Watch This Cocky Kid Get Completely Rinsed By His Female Schoolteacher In A Rap Battle

School Kid Rinsed Teacher Rap battle

Ain’t no coming back from this one.

It seems like everyone is having a rap battles every where you go these days: the streets, house parties, school, clubs, college, whatever.

Normally though rap battles are between two dudes and they just spend the whole time dissing each other, but this one is a bit different. Some kid managed to convince his hot teacher to get in a rap battle with him and he probably regretted it because he got absolutely burned.

Not only were his raps actually pretty weak and boring, but he goes on for ages and it’s just not even that good considering he clearly thinks he’s pretty dope. Meanwhile, his hot teacher drops four lines and all his mates absolutely go wild.

Watch and learn kiddo (turn your sound down):

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Yeah he ain’t coming back from that one is he? Probably get that written in his high school yearbook by all his buddies. I mean there’s no way he’s going to become a professional battle rapper after this performance is there?

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