This Kid Just Had Her Tooth Pulled Out In The Most Awesome Way

Innovation in parenting.

Parents are sadists, and as such, over the generations, they’ve come up with multiple ways of pulling out kids teeth. The classic, of course, is attaching it to a door knob then slamming the door shut. Simple but effective. The bow and arrow method is a new one on me though.

The kid in question has her tooth tied to a slingbow, she then fires the arrow and the tooth is yanked. The slow motion footage allows you to actually witness the proud moment the tooth jumps free of its casing and is finally liberated from her mouth.

The triumph in the little girl’s face is palpable. I bet she makes at least $3.75 from that stingey-ass tooth fairy slut.

This is awesome:

So is that good parenting or bad parenting? I reckon the former because the girl looks chuffed to bits. Remember those parents who reacted in the worst way ever when their son came out as gay? Now that was bad parenting.


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