Kid Posts Ridiculous Tweet Asking The Internet Who The ‘Famous Guy’ Behind Him Is


Big mistake.

Meet James Malcolm – a “wannabe gay icon” (his words, not mine) and now the most trolled moron on the internet. This young comedian, who also describes himself as “the Taylor Swift of New Zealand Comedy” (Jesus Christ) was in an airport the other night when he noticed someone getting a lot of attention from other passengers.

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After racking his tiny little brain and realising he had no idea, he decided to seek help from the online community:

Not wanting to miss out on the photo opportunity, James decided to get a picture with the “celebrity”. And yes, it was Nick Cave, one of the greatest music legends of all time:

It literally makes me sick to my stomach that this little wankcloth got a selfie with Nick Cave after not knowing who he was, all the while wearing a Miley fucking Cyrus jumper. Pure douche. At least everyone else agreed, and there’s even a Twitter conversation called ‘DieJamesMalcolm’:

To watch a woman talk about how much she wants to leap on Nick Cave, click HERE.


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