Kid Makes INCREDIBLE Comeback In School Bathroom Fight, Knocks Bully The F Out

One of the most satisfying videos you’ll watch this week.

If you stayed up until 6am on the weekend to watch Conor McGregor knock Jose Aldo out in 13 seconds, hopefully this’ll make up for it.

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In this clip the school bully is battering some kid in the toilets while his mate records it, but can’t quite seem to finish him off, despite being the hardest kid in school. The other kid picks his moment and unleashes one of the sweetest comebacks we’ve ever seen in an Internet fight video.

Watch below:

Beautiful. That’s the kind of technique Jose Aldo might have thought about using against McGregor. Wait until your opponent has properly exhausted himself and then go in for the kill. Except Conor McGregor could probably fight for an hour without getting tired and this bully probably won’t be picking on anyone again any time soon.

More A+ bully justice HERE – featuring an American History X-style curb stomp.


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