School Bully Gets DESTROYED By Flying Stomp While Beating Up Some Kid (VIDEO)

Watch this hero come through with a BEAUTIFUL finishing move.

Not sure which I enjoy more, videos of ISIS morons inadvertantly blowing themselves up or videos of bullies getting their butts whooped, but I’ll take both any time I can get them. If that makes me sick and twisted then so be it. For me, every time either happens it feels like a victory for every decent person out there.

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Check this out:

Awesome stuff. I mean it went on long enough as a 1-on-1 but after the second time the bully smashed that kid’s head into the ground it was pretty clear he needed back up. And back up came in the form of a Seth Rollins-style American History X stomp to the back of the head. Beautiful! Good thing he got involved because it’s possible that little kid was about to have his brains turned into scrambled eggs. Instead, it was the bully’s brains that got scrambled. Never even saw it coming.

More A+ bully justice HERE, straight from the streets of Romania.


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