Kid Gets Knocked Out Then Returns With Friends To Burn His Aggressor’s House Down (NSFL)

South American street justice is no joke.

This video went up on Worldstar earlier without any context so all I can guarantee is that it takes place somewhere in South America and it’s just an interesting case of how street ‘justice’ is meted out in other parts of the world. 

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The video begins with an older man knocking out a much younger person over god knows what. Well it turns out he messed with the wrong kid because in the next part of the clip we see the lad show up to the man’s house with his mates and set it on fire:

Again there doesn’t seem to be any other detail available but I really hope no one was in the property when they set it alight or if there was, that they somehow escaped in one piece. I guess if there’s ever a place to mind your own business and not develop any grudges with anyone its lawless ghettos in South America where this kind of thing can happen. These street kids aren’t about to call the police or tell their mums on you. They round up their buddies, pick up some gasoline, show up at your front door and burn your entire home to the ground. Absolutely savage stuff.

For the grandparents who beat the crap out of an intruder who tried to abduct their 6-year-old granddaughter, click HERE. Nana goals indeed.


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