Bully Tries To Choke Out Kid With Glasses; Instantly Regrets His Decision (VIDEO)

He’s a broken man.

There’s nothing like seeing some kid who thinks he’s tough picking on another kid who doesn’t look tough at all before getting his ass handed to him, and this video is no exception.

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There’s no context to it at all, but the one kid looks way nerdier than the one instigating the fight merely because he’s wearing glasses. I know, that shouldn’t be an indicator of how hard someone is, but unfortunately it is.

Anyway, the ‘tough’ kid grabs the nerdy kid around the throat and starts choking him about something and saying he’s not going to back down, only to end up getting well and truly owned:

Ouch – that hip toss was so fast that you could literally hear the air being slammed out of the other kid’s lungs. He got so winded – the way he’s just kneeling there trying to get up really is classic. You know his kids are going to see that one day and be super disappointed in him. Don’t start a fight you can’t finish I guess.

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