This Kid Is Allergic To Christmas

This is the saddest Christmas story ever.

If your kid is allergic to Christmas, what do you do? Do you wrap them in a blanket and just send them down the river in a bucket like Moses? Of course not — you look after your child no matter what, even if it means Christmas at your house is going to be the worst time ever.

Theo Lester can’t touch a real Christmas tree because if he goes near one he risks going into anaphylactic shock and dying. Other allergies mean he can’t eat mince pies or Christmas pudding either.

Theo says:

I would like a real tree but they make me feel poorly. They make me wheezy, sneezy and itchy.

Wheezy, sneezy and itchy? Take it he doesn’t know they could also cause his airways to swell up and suffocate him to death.

As if your heart wasn’t breaking enough already, Theo can’t even keep warm during Christmas because warmth makes his allergies worse, meaning the heating has to stay off in the house. God, what a nightmare.

Still, dad Steve makes up for it by always making sure they have a fake tree (barbaric move if not for the circumstances) and buying Theo plenty of presents. So not all bad, then. And at least his allergies don’t mean he transforms into Sloth from the Goonies like this lad.


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