KFC Twitter Account Goes Rogue And Completely Disses People’s Homemade Fried Chicken

This is the kind of content we want right now.

There’s not that much to keep us entertained during lockdown – aside from ‘Tiger King’ and playing through Red Dead Redemption 2 again – but thankfully whoever handles KFC’s social media has decided to step up to the plate and thoroughly rinse people’s attempts at imitating their famous fried chicken whilst they’re stuck at home an unable to purchase it.

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Whilst some fast food joints have decided to praise people’s at home cuisine, KFC have instead decided to go full Gordon Ramsay on us and rate everything out of ten, with pretty much everyone getting really low scores and pissy comments. Here are a few of the best:

I mean you gotta say that he’s being pretty fair with most of those because they do look atrocious. Were people actually thinking they were going to get a good score when hey were submitting these monstrosities? Lockdown got people waved.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom though because he did rate a few of them fairly highly and dished out the praise where it was due:

Gotta up your game if you want the approval of KFC apparently. Good thing we all got a hell of a lot of free time to sort that out I suppose. Get cracking.

If KFC isn’t your bag, why not try making a Greggs sausage and bean melt pasty? They’ve released the recipe here. Go on.


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