Greggs Have Shared How To Make A Sausage And Bean Melt


One part of isolation that’s bugging people I’m sure is that it’s way harder to pick up some quick takeaway food because there’s no takeaways around that you can just go up to and walk into and pick up whatever you want and loads of the major retailers like Greggs and McDonald’s you can’t even get a delivery now. It’s a major lifestyle change for a lot of people out there.

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Thankfully though, Greggs have come to the rescue in our time of need by telling us all how we can easily make our own sausage and bean melt from inside the comfort of our own homes:

I mean that doesn’t look so difficult does it? Although I’ve gotta be honest and I’ve never been a big fan of the sausage and bean melt, but hopefully this is the first of many Greggs It Yourself videos that the guys are going to share with us. Could definitely do with a Chicken Bake or a Cheese And Bacon Turnover before all this is over.

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