Insane Televangelist Destroys Coronavirus Using Christian Magic Spell (VIDEO)

We can all go outside now.

Remember Kenneth Copeland AKA the impossibly dodgy, lunatic televangelist who freaked out at a reporter for asking him questions about his $760 million net worth?

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Well he’s back, and it looks like he’s basically just saved us all from coronavirus and we can all go outside now because he just banished Covid-19 from existence using a religious magic spell:

Whoa! And just like that, coronavirus patients around the world were cured, quarantine was lifted, vaccines were created, and we all reverted back to our regular routines and lifestyles. The maddest part of course is that there are people out there who really believe in this guy (how else is he worth $760 million?) and will probably go off and get themselves infected now because he’s made them believe they’re immune.

I mean come on now, would this face ever lie to you or deceive you?

Surprised coronavirus hasn’t fucked off all the way back to China after taking one look at that mug. After he all he’s not asking coronavirus to leave, he’s not suggesting coronavirus leaves, he’s demanding through the medium of a religiously-charged WWE-style promo. No ifs, buts or maybes – coronavirus is done out here.

For the time Kenneth Copeland defended luxury jet travel by claiming that demons fly commercial, click HERE. Again – how on earth does this guy have so many followers?


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