Rich Christian Preachers Defend Luxury Jet Travel By Saying Demons Fly Commercial

Rich Christian Preacher

Perfectly reasonable justification.

I’m sure my views on organised religion and how ridiculous it is have been related in these pages before, but it’s videos and stories like this that really drive the point home.

It features two preachers from the ‘prosperity gospel’ movement named Kenneth Copeland and Jesse Duplantis and their attempts to explain why they encourage their followers to donate loads of money to them so they can fly around the world in luxury private jets. I’m sure you’ll agree that their argument is fairly reasonable: it’s because God didn’t intend them to fly with the ‘demon’ common people on commercial flights, and even if He had, they’re way too busy and important to wait in line anyway.

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Wow, I mean it’s a good thing that these two old fools have a direct line to God so that we can get His message indirectly isn’t it? It does kind of make sense that they should have private jets so that they can travel around the world quickly and efficiently spreading his word (and getting paid loads for appearances) doesn’t it? And heaven forbid they had to travel with the demons or on commercial flights so they weren’t able to sleep on their planes and talk directly to God whilst they were up there, right?

The sad thing about all this is that I can’t really decide if these guys are just massive crooks or if they actually believe all that bullshit. I mean it’s one thing believing in God, but it’s a different one entirely to make a career out of it by selling DVDs and flying around the world in private jets getting paid to talk about it.

Geniuses or deluded, or a bit of both? Probably the last option but I’ll be damned if I don’t think the whole thing is a waste of time. I guess it’s the people donating the money, attending these events and believing this crap that are the real losers though.

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