Not Sure What To Think Of This Hot Girl Who Hunts And Kills Animals In Africa

Want to hate this girl so much, but I just can’t.

Pretty confused about this young lady posting photos of herself on Facebook posing with dead elephants, hippos and lions that she’s killed across Africa.

Kendall Jones, who is also a cheerleader at Texas Tech, says she gives the animals a ‘fair chase’ before killing them, and is after a reality TV show about her animal-slaying African adventures. She says the photos are merely highlighting her sick hunting skills and dedication to game preservation.

So obviously this is completely fucked up, but I wish I could get as angry about it as I did when reading about the NRA lobbyist who did pretty much the same thing. Could it have something to do with the fact that Kendall Jones is a grade A fire flames hottie who is also capable of hunting and killing wild animals? Something about that is such a fucking turn on.

Not sure how her argument about how she’s preserving wildlife makes any sense at all, but I’m not even sure that I care. She’s completely wrong and stupid for saying that but it doesn’t matter. She wants her own TV show where she’s famous for killing living creatures and she’s going for it – on some level you have to respect a young person going after their dreams.


Meanwhile her Facebook page is pretty much what you’d expect — loads of people yelling at her for being a animal-murdering scum bag and loads more loving up everything she does.

Also love the way she trolls the shit out of her critics:

So yeah, I want to hate Kendall Jones but not gonna lie — kind of in love with her. At the same time I wouldn’t be too mad if I heard that one of the animals she’d been hunting launched her into outer space. Either way as she says: “some girls love diamonds, some girls love camo, a shotgun and a bow.”


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