NRA Lobbyist Shoots Elephant In The Face, Hunting Show Gets Cancelled

NRA lobbyist John Makris has had his hunting show cancelled after viewers saw him shoot an elephant twice in the face.

“Under Wild Skies”, a hunting show sponsored by the National Rifle Association, has been cancelled thanks to a petition by Causes which got 100,000 signatures in just five days after viewers saw NRA Lobbyist Tony Makris shoot an elephant twice in the face and then celebrate by drinking champagne under a beautiful African sunset.

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Makris explained why he’s fine with hunting elephants: “The short answer is because hungry people eat them and because I’m a hunter. You know, I’m not an elephant hunter. I’m a hunter. I hunt all things.”

When told that many believe he shouldn’t be hunting endangered animals (like the elephant), Makris said those people were “animal racists” and likened them to Adolf Hitler.

NBC, which aired the show on its Sports Network released this statement:

“‘Under Wild Skies’ will no longer air on NBC Sports Network due to the program’s close association with its host, whose recent comments comparing his critics to Hitler are outrageous and unacceptable.”

Big-game hunting isn’t illegal in Botswana, but it might be soon. From The Australian:

Controlled big game hunting still goes on in Africa and many reserves are set up by governments, who use money paid by rich safari hunters to fund broader conservation efforts. Elephant numbers in Botswana, however, have declined so greatly that a ban on hunting has been legislated. That ban won’t come into force until next year.

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