Kendall Jenner Is Being Accused Of Cultural Appropriation Over Her New Tequila Advert

Not fair.

Kylie Jenner may be winning big on social media at the moment following her response to The Daily Mail’s article about her, but sister Kendall is having the opposite experience after starring in a set of adverts for her new tequila brand ‘818’.

You can check out the images Kendall shot by clicking through the IG set below:


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Not only were people vexed with the way Kendall Jenner is styled in those photo, they are also furious about the fact she’s releasing her own tequila brand in the first place….

Funnily enough, no one seemed to have a problem with Jay-Z ‘appropriating’ Russian culture when making his own vodka brand, or even The Rock or George Clooney when they released their own individual tequila brands. Could it be that this sort of recreational vitriol is reserved for a certain type of celebrity that people just love to sh-t all over?

That being said – there’s no way Kendall Jenner and her PR team didn’t see this coming. She’s been in this game long enough to know how it works by now, so maybe she just doesn’t care. An ‘all publicity is good publicity’ sort of thing perhaps. Either way she’ll probably put out an apology at some point just because that’s what celebrities do and then she’ll just go ahead and make a billion dollars selling the tequila anyway.

Here she is serving it up at a party!


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Even when the Kardashians lose, they win.

For Kendall’s excellent response to trolls who accused her of being “passed around” by NBA players, click HERE.


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