Former Labour MP Suggests Kellogg’s Monkey Logo On Coco Pops Is Racist

Oh dear.

While recent events and the Black Lives Matter movements that followed will hopefully lead to positive societal change, it has also unfortunately encouraged some people to look for (and apparently find) racism where there isn’t any.

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Former Labour MP Fiona Onasanya caused Coco Pops to trend on Twitter this week after she revealed she had emailed Kellogg’s UK office asking for an explanation as to why the Coco Pops mascot is a monkey:

You might think Fiona was onto something here… until you realise that the monkey is the face for both milk chocolate Coco Pops and white chocolate Coco Pops. It’s simply the face of Coco Pops, and the three boys/elves are the face of Rice Krispies. Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to assume that the reason the Coco Pops mascot is a monkey is because that’s how children behave from an adult’s perspective?

As you might expect, Twitter let her have it:

Well it looks like most people aren’t taking the Coco Pops = racist theory seriously, which is a relief. Hopefully Kellogg’s won’t poop their pants and come out with some kind of apology or re-branding, which is what too many companies do when someone accuses them of this stuff.

It’s just another pointless culture war debate that sidetracks from the real issues at that moment – police brutality and legitimate examples of inequality within society. People are trying to fight real racism and you’ve got idiots like Fiona trying to remove a cartoon monkey off a cereal box. As if we don’t already have enough real problems to deal with.

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