The Transcripts Of Keith Vaz With Two Romanian Rent Boys Are Pure NSFW Filth

Keith Vaz is living every politician’s worst nightmare.

You may have heard that Labour MP Keith Vaz likes to get freaky in his spare time away from the family, with the Mirror providing video evidence that he’d been leading a double life paying young male escorts for sex.

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Funnily enough Vaz is overseeing the biggest shake-up of Britain’s prostitution laws in a generation. Just research then eh?


He was recorded as he met two male Romanian prostitutes, and also had these text messages leaked where he asks one of the men to sort out some poppers:

pop1 pop2

In this audio, he gets a bit flirty then they talk poppers again:

Here’s the transcript:


Keith Vaz: He treats me like a bitch.

PROSTITUTE 2: Like a bitch?

KV: Mmm.

PROSTITUTE 2: You don’t know what it means to be treated like a bitch.

KV: Show me.


KV: Show me.

PROSTITUTE 2: I don’t know how to treat someone like a bitch –

KV: No.

PROSTITUTE 2: – but I know how to be –

KV: Show me how he’s your bitch.

PROSTITUTE 2: – a bitch.

PROSTITUTE 1: Show you?

KV: Mmm.

PROSTITUTE 1: Not today.

KV: Go on.

PROSTITUTE 1: I’m waiting for ******.

KV: He’s not going to come, you know that.

PROSTITUTE 1: He will ****ing come, otherwise I will kill him.

KV: He’s not gonna come. He’s an hour late, and he’s going to catch a plane at eight.

PROSTITUTE 1: What hour? No hour.

KV: He’s not going to come.

[slurping noises]

KV: We’re going to have to just **** each other.


KV: I’m just going to have to **** you.


PROSTITUTE 1: You got me a little drunk, you know that?

KV: Good. We want to… for the third time tonight…[inaudible]

[sound of movement, belt buckles]


PROSTITUTE 2: Yeah. **** [inaudible]

KV: Is he drunk?

PROSTITUTE 2: No, it’s not like I’m drunk.

PROSTITUTE 1: I’m drunk


PROSTITUTE 1: Do you like poppers?

KV: Mmm.


KV: I do a little, but it’s [inaudible] because you’re being ****** up the [inaudible].

PROSTITUTE 1: But again, you can just **** more.

KV: Yeah.

PROSTITUTE 2: Why did you tell us to bring them, then?


KV: Yeah, maybe you’re right. So you think we could do ******* next week?


PROSTITUTE 2: What about the glasses?

KV: Oh, just wash those and put them on the side.

KV: Got everything?


KV: Ok [inaudible] oh, where are my keys – keys are in there, you’ve got your stuff? Got everything you need to take with you?

PROSTITUTE 1: Yes, we do –

KV: If you see ****** can you give him a hit on the face?

PROSTITUTE 2: Haha, with a ****.

KV: Right, ok, I’ll see you soon.


So Keith Vaz is basically living every politician’s worst nightmare right now. David Cameron had a walk in the park with the pig-fucking story compared to this because at least his was an old secret and just flat out amusing whereas Vaz did this 8 days ago and has a wife and kids at home FFS. I guess he just couldn’t resist the temptation of two Romanian rent boys hey.

Bet the muppet tried to put it on expenses and all. MPs are stuck for cash these days, apparently.


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