Keith Duffy And Brian McFadden Played A Shambolic Drunk Gig In Somerset Last Weekend


Apparently they’re a duo called Boyzlife now.

It’s always kind of sad when you see old washed up pop stars playing in some shitty venue in your local town, and it’s even sadder when they can’t even be bothered to perform to the best of their ability either.

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This occurred over the weekend when Keith Duffy from Boyzone and Brian McFadden from Westlife – who are apparently now a duo called Boyzlife – played a gig in Somerset. The pair shunned fans who had paid for a meet and greet by making them wait two hours for a brief appearance, before taking to the stage completely hammered and performing a short set that was terrible and left fans wanting their money back:

Smooth dance moves and harmonies there Keith.

The duo were quick to deny any wrongdoing on their part, with a statement released saying the following:

Neither of them turned up smashed. Keith was slightly drunk but he wasn’t too drunk to perform and Brian didn’t drink at all.

He was dehydrated and had a headache.

They left the stage early because they miscalculated the timing and did not put enough songs in the set list.

Brian backed this up with the following tweet as well:

I don’t really know who to believe – and I’m not really sure I care that much either – but maybe the fact of the matter is that they’re just absolutely shit at singing and performing now? I mean that’s probably why they’re hitting up Somerset rather than Wembley stadium or whatever right?

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