Real Life GTA 3 As Motorcycle Gang Taunts Patrol Cars And Helicopters With Shinko Smoke Bomb Tyres

Cops Taunted Motorcycle Gang

A big middle finger to the law.

There have been a fair few of these ‘real life GTA videos’ going around the internet this year – this car chase in Denver that involved three separate car jackings is a fairly good example – and now there’s another absolutely insane video out that we never really thought we would see in real life.

In this one, a motorcycle gang is riding deep and dirty through the streets of LA, popping wheelies and burning out all over the place right in front of police cars and helicopters that are trying to get them to pull over like they just don’t give a fuck at all. The footage was taken from the infamous Valley Nights ride and is pretty much a massive fuck you to the law.

Still the best real life GTA video we’ve probably seen is this one of a huge bank robbery – and it’s even better because the crooks get their just desserts at the end of it.


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