Katie Price Mocks Son Harvey During Embarrassing On-Stage Rant In Magaluf (VIDEO)



People were finally starting to come round to Katie Price after she went all-out to defend son Harvey from internet trolls making jokes about his disability.

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Well in a bizarre turn of events, new footage out of Magaluf this week shows a drunk Katie Price stunning her fellow holidaymakers by mocking her 14-year-old son at a karaoke bar.

Price can be heard saying:

 I’m not fucking blind like my son.

After the crowd boos her, she says:

It’s the truth. If Harvey was here he’d be like that ‘yeahhhh’.

She then attempted to sing Disney’s ‘A Whole New World’, but the crowd wasn’t having it, so Price made her exit by announcing:

This guy thinks I’m a cunt for saying goodbye to you all. But tell the truth, would you not be offended if I didn’t say goodbye?

Fuck you motherfucker. Goodnight, I love you all. Fuck you more like it, you cunt.


A witness added:

She was absolutely hammered. It wasn’t even that late.

Her behaviour was disgraceful.

The bar was full of families, including young children.

Everyone was absolutely disgusted.

Her boyfriend sang a Peter Andre song, then she started commenting on the size of his cock, saying how it was much bigger than Peter’s.


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I guess nothing Katie Price does can harm her career that much because it’s mostly based around what a car-wreck her life is anyway, but still – this isn’t the greatest of looks for her is it? Also pretty clear where Harvey got his penchant for the C-word from, watching that footage.

At least daughter Princess is faring better (just about).



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