Katie Price Says She’ll ‘Guide’ Daughter Princess To Becoming ‘Successful Model’ Like Her Mum

Good luck with that.

When you’re the daughter of a Page 3 legend and the guy who practically invented the 6-pack, the world is basically your oyster. So it’s not too surprising that 15-year-old Princess Andre is dreaming of making it big in the modelling world.

Princess has already landed her first modelling deal with PrettyLittleThing, with Katie Price telling OK! she’s going to ensure that Princess makes all the right choices:

I can absolutely see Princess being a successful model – she’s stunning. And I will always be there to support and guide her. I know when agents are taking advantage, so I would always step in if I felt something wasn’t right for her. I’m a protective mother and I make sure my cubs are looked after.

Katie Price's daughter Princess teased her about her surgeries

She’s seen behind the scenes and experienced it from that point of view. She loves hair and make-up and I’m sure she will enjoy getting dressed up for her own shoots, which I’ll be coming along to watch as a proud mum.

I know people will be reading this and thinking that multiple boob jobs, questionable photoshoots and daft tattoos are on the horizon, but whereas Katie Price is a legend of the glamour model world, it seems Princess is taking the more traditional route that involves keeping your clothes on (which is just as well).

Princess is very confident, she knows what she wants and is not afraid to tell you how she’s feeling and if she doesn’t like something. I’m very much like that too, so I think Princess gets that from me – her openness, confidence and honesty.

Katie says that Princess is following in her footsteps

Princess has been wearing full-on makeup like she’s on a night out with the girls ever since she was 8 years old, so it sounds like she’s been preparing for this her whole life. No doubt Katie Price will be able to offer her daughter some valuable pointers but hopefully she gets a decent agent in too, just to be sure. Wonder what Peter Andre will have to say about it all?

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