Kate Upton Got Swept Off A Rock During Her Topless Sports Illustrated Photoshoot By A Wave (VIDEO)

Kate Upton Topless


When you think of the life of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, you probably think it’s all glitz and  glamour and looking sexy, but it turns out that sometimes there’s a bit of danger involved too.

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At least that’s what Kate Upton discovered during her latest shoot for the 2018 edition of the magazine. She was posing on some rocks by the sea with her top off and looking all kinds of hot, when she gothic by a rogue wave and lost her balance, falling off into the shallows below.

Pretty dramatic stuff:

OK, that wasn’t really that crazy, although it seemed like everyone shooting the photograph seemed to think it was a huge deal by the way they all started screaming and running into the water to help her out. Seemed like a slight overreaction considering she fell about two feet into a puddle of water, but I suppose these are gorgeous celebrities we’re dealing with so you can never be too careful.

I assume Kate Upton is OK from the experience otherwise I doubt they would be sharing the video of the experience on the internet, because you know they would probably be getting sued right now. Let’s hope that’s not the case and her Sports Illustrated shoot will be unblemished come release date.

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