Eastenders Fans Are Lashing Out At Kat’s ‘Racist’ Comment To Habiba Ahmed (VIDEO)

Is this something to get worked up over?

Kat Moon isn’t just a little bit of a slag, she’s a total slag (her words). She’s also a bit of a racist according to Eastenders viewers who caught her clashing with Habiba Ahmed on BBC One the other night.

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The scene involved Kat and Habiba getting catty with each other in the Queen Vic. Habiba got a bit flirty with Martin Fowler as he was buying a drink, prompting Kat to march up and vagina-block her.

When Habiba left the room, Kat looked over at Iqra (Habiba’s sister) and asked her where ‘Haribo’ was (intentionally mispronouncing her name). Habiba, Haribo – get it?

See for yourself:

Some Twitter users weren’t happy, saying that ethnic minorities have been dealing with that sort of thing for years:

Others didn’t see what the big deal was, especially when you keep things in context of Kat’s character. Giving people dumb nicknames is a thing she does all the time.

Good news though – at the end of the episode Habiba came to Kat’s aid when Mick & Linda were giving her a hard time, so looks like they’re going to be good buddies after all. What’s a vaguely racist nickname between friends eh?

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