Eastenders Gets Shoreditch Makeover

Eastenders Hipsters

Albert Square gets hip.

Eastenders is really getting into 2014 (or 2010, depending how you look at it) and apparently they’re going to ‘Shoreditchify’ all their characters so that Walford seems a bit hipper and reflects the ‘current’ trends that are going on in East London.

If you’re as perplexed as I am by that statement and wonder how any of the characters on Eastenders are actually going to do this in a believable way don’t be, because thankfully the Huffington Post have re-imagined some of the current characters as Shoreditch hipsters and the results are, well yeah, not really that good or convincing.

Check it:

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Kat and Alfie Moon

Max Branning

Lauren Branning

Bianca Butcher

Ian Beale

Phil Mitchell and Sharon Rickman


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