Karl Marx’s London Grave Has Been Desecrated With A Hammer By Right Wing Extremists

Marx Grave

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The ideological divide is this country is more prevalent than ever thanks to the ongoing animosity and uncertainty revolving around Brexit and possibly – bear in mind I said possibly because a lot of dumb shit is going on – the dumbest attack/form of protest has just been carried out after the London grave of Communism founder Karl Marx has been vandalised with a hammer.

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The attack was reported by the Twitter account of Highgate Cemetery (so 2019 for a cemetery to have a Twitter account right?) who posted the following:

I mean is it really ‘our heritage’ – although that kinda sounds like I’m a far right extremist saying that stuff there as well, doesn’t it? Anyway, there’s no evidence yet of who has carried out the attacks but Ian Dungavell, the chief executive of the Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust reckons that it’s definitely a politically motivated attack:

This is a really important part of the monument and it seems to be a pretty crude form of political vandalism.

What’s upsetting is attempts to make vandalism part of the political process, but I’m heartened by the people who aren’t Marxists but know it’s not the way to treat the monument of such an important historical figure.

If it is a far-right ideological attack, then people will know it’s wrong and we need to have political debate out in the open and not resort to crude vandalism.

The memorial will never be the same again.

Damn Ian sound pretty concerned about all of this doesn’t he? I suppose you would though when you’re the chief exec of the Cemetery Trust. I mean it’s not cool that anyone has vandalised anybody else’s grave – even if they are a communist or whatever – but it’s a pretty weak form of protest/political upheaval from the right if that was their intention. Go sing and shout at a Tommy Robinson appearance or smash up some shops on May Day or something. This is just dumb.

For more cemeteries, here’s a couple of assholes having a BBQ in one. Really not on.


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