TV Presenter Finds Hidden Message Inside $25,000 Kardashian Christmas Card

The Kardashians spent a whopping $25k on their Christmas card this year, which also features this unintentional hidden message inside.

It’s true — the Kardashians spent $25,000 designing and developing their Christmas card this year, featuring the entire family busting out their favourite poses, with plenty of Photoshop and bright lights, hundreds of celebrity magazines dumped along the floor and ‘Illuminati’ symbolism to keep the conspiracy theorists busy.

The Kardashians didn’t actually spend a penny on the card because the production company behind Keeping Up With The Kardashians footed the bill. The super rich – they get all the best savings.

All that wackiness aside, American TV presenter Conan O’Brien last night discovered an unintentional (though perhaps masterminded by photographer David LaChappelle) hidden message inside the Kardashian family Christmas card and shared it with the world:

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