Kanye West’s New Yeezy Powerhouse Trainers Are Pretty Much Just Reebok Classics

Kanye West Yeezy Powerhouse

Always the innovator.

Kanye West is well known for ripping people off by selling people absolute crap – I’m not talking about his music, but more like that time when he sold a plain white t-shirt for $120 – and it looks like he’s at it again with the release of these new Yeezy Powerhouses.

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As you can see from the above headline and the above picture, the shoes are pretty much the exact same design as those old school Reebok Classics. You can take a look at some of the similarities below:

Yeezy Reebok

Yep, pretty much exactly the same, except for the fact that the Yeezys are around £100 (an ‘affordable trainer for the masses’ according to Kanye) and the Reebok Classics cost about £30 or £40. We’re not the only people that have noticed this either:

See? People aren’t happy. However, whilst this might seem stupid to some of us reading this, the fact is that the Yeezys are gonna fly off the shelves because people love trainers and people love Kanye West. Guy could sell a trainer with a picture of a turd on it and make money – he’s that good. Fair play to the guy I suppose, might as well make some more money off doing literally nothing.

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