Kanye West Jumped On A Table At Nando’s Before The Brit Awards Last Night And The Place Went Absolutely Wild

Kanye West Nando's

What better way to warm up for the Brit Awards?

Kanye West was in town for the Brit Awards last night and decided to get his hands on some chicken at the Nando’s in the O2 arena beforehand. His entourage arrived at the restaurant and stayed there for roughly twenty minutes allegedly, mainly feasting on spicy rice. Do they not know that Nando’s is a chicken restaurant?

Halfway through the meal, Kanye jumped up on a table and announced that if anyone wanted a picture with him then now was the time as he would actually be smiling – remember recently he explained why he never smiled – and also dancing and looking like he was having a good time. The crowd in Nando’s duly replied, with many of them getting pictures and selfies with Kanye, whilst everyone chanted Yeezus.

To be honest though, it doesn’t actually sound or look like there were a lot of people there. Pretty surprising for a Nando’s to be honest, especially right before the Brit Awards – you never know who you’re going to bump into.

After a while, Kanye put his hood back up and got down from the table and went back to his meal. Perhaps some chicken had turned up by then and he didn’t have to make do with rice. Everyone seemed satisfied with his performance and it was probably the perfect warm up for the Brit Awards for him because everyone liked him for once.

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