Kanye West Gets His Hair Cut Every Day And Spends $500 Each Time

Such a Kanye move.

Kanye West’s haircut seems a pretty simple job — it looks fairly low maintenance and the kind of thing any barber could sort out for you.

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Get this though — the guy reportedly spends $500 (£330) getting his hair cut every single day. That’s $225,799 (£150,147) every year on shaving his head when he can get a bag of Bic razors for about £1.50.

The news actually came from Rihanna’s dad, Ronald Fenty, who spoke to Heat magazine after spending a month on tour with his daughter when she played some shows with West.

It’s crazy – Kanye gets a haircut every day. He pays his barber $500 a time. I don’t understand how that much hair gets taken off. Kanye just loves the fresh look.

Kanye’s barber, Ibn Jasper, actually moved to New York from Chicago because Kanye doesn’t feel comfortable with anyone else cutting his hair:

Whenever he was wearing [his] orange hat, it meant he’d gotten a fucked-up cut in NYC. He asked me to move to NYC and I told him, ‘When you can pay me what I make in the shop, then I’ll move.


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Well, it’s all relative I guess. Spending $500 on a haircut once, let alone every day, sounds like madness to you and me but to Kanye West that’s just the life he’s gotten used to. The guy’s got paparazzi trying to photograph him everywhere he goes — can’t risk having a bad hair day even once. But then when you’re worth a trillion dollars that’s a problem you can afford to have. $500 to Kanye West is like £12 to a normal person.

P.S. Wonder how much Kim Jong-un spends on his?


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